DIY decor tips to give your balcony a brand new look

New Delhi (IANSlife) Since 2020 forced people to stay isolated and safe within their homes, the needs of our living spaces have been redefined. Whether dealing with a constant space crunch indoors or just needing a breath of fresh air at any time of the day, the balcony becomes one of the most important spaces in any home.

Combine a few sleek and elegant furniture solutions with quirky decor ideas, and even the most ordinary balcony can be transformed into a cozy corner. You can convert your balcony into an outdoor dining space, a relaxing sit-out, or a peaceful green escape above the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rediscover what many describe as their favourite part of the home as Keyur Zaveri, Sr Director of Design & Sourcing at Furlenco shares a few interesting DIY balcony decor ideas.

Minimalist Furniture:

Furniture definitely adds the oomph factor to any balcony, as you opt for a piece of sleek furniture that lends a vintage look to space. A circular slatted table and folding chairs or a low-height table with some cushions can add a retro feel to your balcony. You can also add some leafy potted plants for instant fresh energy and breezy vibes.

Add some colour:

Paint your balcony all-white and then choose decor items with hits of vibrant colour. You can choose metal showpieces, tribal handicrafts, colourful planters for an uplifting balcony look that is full of freshness. Bright, colourful items will give it the happy holiday vibe every balcony needs.

Go Organic:

There have been a lot of options lately for natural decor items. You can look for a layer of textured rattan items to add to your balcony, while silvery-leafed plants such as small olive trees or potted eucalyptus will help maintain a cooler tone. This will give the space an earthy, outdoor style, ideal for a Sunday reading session with your friends.

Vertical Gardens:

If your balcony has limited space but you still want a green sanctuary of your own, then a vertical garden is your solution! There are a variety of vertical garden routes to take, depending on whether you choose hanging planter cups or opt for plant pot holders and stands on the wall. These options are inexpensive and serve for a long time.

Play with a Canopy:

All open balconies and verandas can often become very hot during summers, so a canopy or shade can be a game-changer for your balcony. Everyone adores a simple yet classy use of white fabric on the ceiling; instantly adding a relaxed yet refined Mediterranean holiday feels to the balcony.

Floor Makeover:

Give your balcony floors a magical makeover with the use of porcelain or wooden floor decking tiles. This helps bring together space with its furniture, decor, and greenery items, creating a balcony that’s simple and classy.

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