Deciphering inner life of things

New Delhi (IANS)┬áThe Kiran Nadar Museum of Art (KNMA) will present a new group exhibition titled ‘Inner Life of Things: Around Anatomies and Armatures’ (preview on April 24), curated by Roobina Karode, at the Noida space of the museum.

The exhibition brings forth independent projects by 15 artists whose investigations are rooted in the ecologies of co-existence as well as the enigmatic life of objects and materials beyond and autonomous from human perception.

The four-panel watercolour painting of Lahore-based artist Ali Kazim is executed in subdued shades and presented on a scale that overwhelms the viewer. It is inspired by the artist’s visit to the ancient Indus Valley Civilisation excavation site near the Ravi river, and the ruins of culture it preserves.

Anindita Bhattacharya’s acutely crafted lines of lushly detailed organic clusters and foliage in earthy hues, executed in the tradition of Mughal miniature painting, prompt the viewer to find the hidden and intricate patterns in nature.

The idea of traversing lesser-travelled terrains and vast expanses is explored in Shalina S. Vichitra’s landscape with a thousand white flags, inspired by Tibetan Buddhist dictums and the spiritual harmony that they seek with respect to the primordial laws and spirits of nature.

Astha Butail’s take on ancient methods of archiving and the tradition of carrying oral histories through Vedic myths and metaphors marks a meticulous installation with minuscule prototypes of book-like objects.

Other artists participating in the exhibition include Nibha Sikander, Reena Saini Kallat, Shambhavi Singh, Debasish Mukherjee, Rajendar Tiku, Rathin Barman, Dilip Chobisa, Kishor Shinde, Vibha Galhotra, Rahul Kumar, Chetnaa, Seher Shah and Randhir Singh.

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