Dating trends that will take 2023 by storm

New Delhi (IANSlife) Ravi Mittal, the Founder, and CEO of India’s homegrown dating app QuackQuack commented, “This past couple of years, we have seen several dating trends come and go. Virtual First Dates are on the rise post-pandemic. Almost 22 per cent of our 21 million users have had a virtual first date this 2022. We are hopeful that it will slide smoothly into 2023 as well.”

With 2023 coming in full speed, the App surveyed 15,000 users, ranging between 25 to 35 from tier 1 and 2 cities. The study gave a better insight into the dating trends to be expected in 2023.

Ethical Sex-ploration

Ethical Sex-ploration shows how much the ways of dating have changed over the past years. Nineteen per cent of daters, men and women between 28 and 32, explain how new-age daters are approaching sex, intimacy, and dating in a more open and exploratory way. They mentioned that sex is no longer taboo and emphasised the importance of discussing intimate desires and needs in the initial stages of the relationship. This trend equally makes sure that people not seeking sex during the dating phase are not judged based on their choice.

Love-Life Balance

It finally seems like there’s going to be some love-life balance after all in 2023. Twenty-two per cent of daters from tier 1 cities disclosed that job titles are no longer a status symbol, and young daters are more focused on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. People are consciously making time for their partners and taking more breaks for their own mental health. Twelve per cent of these people even revealed unmatching with someone for their demanding job and hectic schedule.

Modern Masculinity

Per the survey reports, Modern masculinity is predicted to take 2023 by storm and change the gender dynamics in dating. 34 percent of men from tier 1 and 2 cities expressed how they have taken the time to examine their conduct and found how they were projecting toxic masculine behaviour involuntarily. These men find that clearly unacceptable and are actively challenging themselves and other men to change for the better. Daters say that this trend has made it easier for men to express emotions and break gender roles in dating.

Open casting

Among the positive trends this new year, open casting is something daters seem really excited about; almost 29 percent of women over 30 explained how women are all set to look beyond the type of men they are expected to date. The survey participants mentioned it to be a game-changer.


Being locked up in their homes during the pandemic has led people to appreciate travelling more than ever. QuackQuack’s survey shows 3 out of 7 daters between 25 and 30 prefer wander love, that is, they are looking to date people who are not from their city and setting up their location preference beyond the city walls. Long-distance love that lets you wander to another place is the trend to look out for in 2023.


The beginning of a new year, otherwise known as the cuffing season in the dating world, sees the highest number of singles on the prowl and getting into relationships even if they aren’t particularly interested in committing to the person at the moment. More than 22 per cent of men from tier 1 and 2 cities say that it is mostly out of loneliness and an attempt to improve the quality of life in the spirit of “new year, new me.”

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