Daffodil Classes Inaugurated, Institute to provide spoken English Training

Ranchi: Daffodil Classes were inaugurated by Dr Dinesh Rusia, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, Birsa Agricultural University and Col Ziaur Rahman. 

This institute will be run through Badrunnisa Trust. The president of this organization is Quddushiya Azam (Q Azam), a retired teacher of JVM Shyamali School. During her service in JVM Shyamali School and also in non-academic sessions, she always tried to instill in children the urge to do something different in life and to instill confidence in children. 

She has provided 30 years of service in the field of education, wants to instill confidence in the young girls of Ranchi through spoken English classes so that they can excel in whatever field they work in. She believes that today English language, especially in the field of employment, has been accepted as a skill apart from language and literature.

Our children lag behind in understanding the English language as a skill. She says that by joining through Daffodil Classes, she wants to master the English language, especially those who have studied through Hindi medium or have been students of government schools or madrassas. 

Our focus will be on that class whose parents due to their economic backwardness have not been able to educate their children in big convents and English schools. Daffodil Classes is located in the Society Market Complex of Doranda, children can attend this institution by paying a nominal fee.

People from various professions who want to use spoken English as a skill can register themselves. In the inaugural session, Dr Rusia and Colonel Ziaur Rahman and Advocate Fidaul Rahman and other dignitaries also encouraged the children and praised her new initiative.  

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