Cyber Criminals created fake WhatsApp account of Jharkhand Chief Secretary L. Khyangte

Ranchi: Jharkhand Police is continuously trying to stop cybercrime, but is not able to control it. Cyber gang members are devising more than one method to commit fraud. The limit was reached when cyber criminals attacked Jharkhand Chief Secretary L. Khyangte. An attempt was made to defraud Khyangte by creating a fake WhatsApp account.

Cyber criminals contacted Chief Secretary L. Khyangte from number 8604244052. They are trying to cheat common people by creating fake WhatsApp accounts in the name of Khyangte. Cyber criminals create fake profiles by stealing photos from Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.

Through these fake profiles, they demand money from people they know. Many times criminals hack Facebook and use the user’s profile and the user is not even aware of it. Using software, cyber criminals create fake profiles on WhatsApp from foreign or unknown numbers and demand money from acquaintances.

To commit fraud on WhatsApp also, cyber thugs take the help of Facebook or other social media sites and obtain the mobile numbers of friends or acquaintances.

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