Curate your perfect work-from-home playlist

New Delhi (IANSlife) Work-from-home is a big part of the new normal thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. As we get comfortable in our designated work-from-home style, usually pyjamas with a formal top, the feeling of lethargy and laziness can kick in. This can make us demotivated, especially with the lack of socializing.

It’s important to lighten up the mood while working, believes Dharini Upadhyaya, CO Founder and CO CEO Furtados School of Music. The best way to do this is to create a playlist which will help you feel more motivated and alive, adding a fun element to your daily monotony. Although we know one’s taste in can be quite personal, but there are certain genres that are better suited to the mood you want to create.

Upadhyaya offers some tips on choosing music based on the vibe you want create, emanate and feel.

For stressful situations

We all know sometimes deadlines can put us in stressful situations. It’s important to calm yourself down and play music which has more soothing tones. Acoustic covers, instrumental melodies and slow music can be a great way to get your mind settled. The lower beats and tempo of such music can help you focus better at your task and complete the work.

Work mode

For the times when you want to get into the zone and churn out things faster and have more output, pick high tempo music. Genres like EDM, house, rock are great options for such situations. The higher beat count of such music can trick your body into working a little faster. It is also preferred for high intensity workouts as well for the same reason.

White noise

While you’re working from home, sometimes you can feel a little lonely. To avoid the feeling, switching on some music can actually be quite therapeutic. You might not want to sing along and be distracted by it, but just have it on as white noise in the background. Jazz, instrumental covers can be great options for those times.

Prep for the weekend

Even though social distancing is keeping us away from unwinding with our friends, we can still prep for the weekend, starting Friday. Virtual parties and zoom get together are a part of the new normal and you want to get your upbeat self back for them. Listen to some great party music of your choice. Whether it’s Bollywood, English or Spanish, jam your way into the weekend.

The next time you set your work from home station, prep it with your cup of your preferred beverage and turn the music on for a better working experience.

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