Crowd more on city roads than usual as more shops open

Ranchi: With more relaxation being allowed in lockdown 4.0 crowd of the people is being more visible on the roads.

Liquor shops, hardware and sanitary stores have been allowed to resume functioning prior to which ration, medicines and vegetable shops were already functional in different phases of the lockdown. Even the policemen had gone down on their intensity and are allowing the people to freely move from one area to another however all strict measures are being forced inside containment zones.

Compared to the third phase of lockdown in this things are more relaxed as crowds are growing inside the markets and roads while earlier policemen use to seek answers from every 2 wheeler or 4 wheeler out on the roads this time such things have taken a back seat.

In the state capital despite all religious spots and temples being closed the Puja shops have opened in the wake of Shani Amavasya and Savitri Puja. Women in large numbers were spotted turning up at these shops to buy items to be required in performing the rituals.

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