Criminals opened fire in NTPC mines in Hazaribagh

Hazaribagh: Unknown criminals have attacked the Keredari Coal Mines of Hazaribagh.

Criminals have opened fire in mining mines.

According to the people present at the incident site, the criminals wanted to set the vehicles on fire.

Naxalites are said to be involved in this incident, this attack took place over levy in the mining project.

The criminals reached the mines area wearing masks on their faces and started firing.

The MICE remained closed for about four hours after the incident.

The criminals wanted to spread panic in the mines.

The police received information about this immediately after the incident.

IRB personnel deployed near the mining project and Keredari police station in-charge immediately reached the spot.

Police station in-charge NG Kerketta said that the criminals fled after our arrival.

Who they were and why this incident was carried out are being investigated.

SP Arvind Kumar Singh and SDPO Anuj Oraon also reached the spot.

The criminals fled after getting information about the arrival of police officers.

The criminals also fired 11 rounds here.

They also snatched the mobile phone from the operator and went away.

Police have recovered a shell and a misfired bullet from the spot.

The mines were closed immediately after the incident but have been reopened after the situation became normal.

The police are still refraining from giving any statement in this matter.

The criminals have also left a pamphlet at the spot, which is said to be in the name of TSPC.

If police sources are to be believed, TSPC does not have dominance in this area.

In such a situation, it is possible that some criminal group may have carried out this incident to extort extortion in the name of TSPC.

The SP and DSP kept camping in the mines area throughout the night.

SP Arvind Kumar Singh said that the matter is being investigated.

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