Creating a paradigm shift in health and wellness

New Delhi (IANSlife) Nutritional understanding is undergoing a revolution in India. And a better perception of our needs has fuelled the growth of the preventive care supplement industry. This rapid growth, however, has paved the way for a market flooded with ‘me-too’ products, making differentiation nearly impossible.

Piecemeal generic formulations, antiquated delivery formats, and poorly sourced ingredients have become the norm. With rising adoption rates of health and wellness supplements in India, sub-par products have gained traction because they are simple to develop, quick to manufacture, and offered at a low cost.

To address these issues and create an overall health and wellness brand for new-age customers, serial entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and biohacker Harpreet Vir Singh founded YourHappyLife (YHL) with a simple mission: to create innovative, complete wellness solutions built at the intersection of direct and indirect functionality that were clean label and offered holistic wellbeing.

The self-growth optimizer/wellness brand took two years to develop its ideologies into a product, and it launched in August 2021 after months of consistent research, development, and trials.

Over the next few months, YourHappyLife will launch seven new complete wellness solutions, all of which have been in development and trials for the past year.

Visit to learn more about the brand.

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