Constitution Awareness Campaign held in Khunti

Ranchi: Constitution Awareness Campaign organised for the last 10 days in Khunti district of Jharkhand.

People involved in the Jatra of the Constitution Awareness Campaign garlanded the statue of Shaheed Bhagat Singh in Khunti on Sunday. The people with banners and tricolor in their hands gathered at Ursuline Girls School during a Constitution awareness rally.

They offered tribute to the picture of Freedom Fighter martyr Birsa Munda. Following that a documentary film made on the process of making of the Constitution was shown. After this, the Preamble of the Constitution was recited collectively under the leadership of Ratan Tirkey, a former member of the Tribal Advisory Council. Prabhakar Tirkey.

A member of Samvidhan Jagar Jatra convenor said that the main objective of the Jatra is to make the new generation aware of the importance of the Constitution, to equip the Gram Sabha officials and all the people’s representatives with the information about their constitutional rights and to educate the government personnel, nongovernmental organization representatives and All other service providers have to be alerted to discharge their constitutional obligations. 

He insisted that there is a provision of the 5th Schedule in the Constitution, which gives constitutional recognition to the local governance system of the residents of those areas. James Herrange, a member of the Jatra, said that today the world is facing serious challenges like climate change.

The solution lies in Article 48(a) of the Constitution, and tribal communities have been engaged in conserving their natural resources for centuries. The state government had also issued a constitution regarding Jagar Jatra. During the letter march, copies of the preamble were given to government officials and people’s representatives. 

The most positive aspect of the yatra that came to the fore was that the more enthusiasm was seen in the public regarding the yatra, the more enthusiasm the state government has shown administrative activism by issuing special orders to all the departments to make the program a success.

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