Conspiracies to worsen the communal atmosphere were carried out 14 times in the last one year in Jharkhand

Ranchi: During the one last year, a conspiracy was hatched by anti-social elements to worsen the communal atmosphere in Jharkhand.

In different districts of the state, anti-social elements conspired to spoil the communal atmosphere by vandalizing religious places 14 times within a year.

At some places they were successful and at many places the atmosphere was calmed down due to the promptness of the police.

Jharkhand has seen the highest number of communal violence in the country in the last year i.e. 2021.

According to the report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) for the year 2021, a total of 378 communal violence has taken place across the country.

1426 cases were registered in Jharkhand.

A conspiracy was hatched 14 times to worsen the communal atmosphere.

5 November 2023: The idol of a deity was destroyed in a religious place by anti-social elements in Lalpania police station area of Bokaro. Angry people had blocked the Lalpania Gomiya main road regarding this.

04 November 2023: Mischievous elements had vandalized the religious place of Baligarh village of Sadar police station of Garhwa district. Due to which people became angry.

30 September 2023: In Govindpur, Dhanbad, some youths vandalized the premises of a religious place and broke the statues. Due to which people became angry.

17 August 2023: Slogans and stone pelting were raised during the ongoing Peace Committee meeting in Dhanbad district. Seeing the deteriorating atmosphere, the police had to resort to lathicharge.

10 April 2023: In Shastri Nagar, Jamshedpur, massive arson was carried out after stone pelting between two groups following the insult of a religious flag.

15 April 2023: Kasiyatad ground of Marafari police station area of Bokaro. The religious place located there was vandalized by anti-social elements.

04 April 2023: During the procession, a case of vandalism, raising objectionable slogans and stone pelting came to light in a religious place at Indrapuri Chowk in Hazaribagh.

3 April 2023: Some miscreants vandalized a religious place near Patel Chowk in Sahibganj.

4 February 2023: An incident of theft has come to light in a religious place in Bokaro. Not only this, the thieves also vandalized the religious place extensively.

3 January 2023: Anti-social elements threw a banned object at a religious place located in Dhaka village of Shikaripada block of Dumka.

1 November 2022: A madman climbed the peak of a religious place in Lohardaga and vandalized it.

5 October 2022: In Giridih district. In Pachamba police station area, anti-social elements had entered the religious place and spread filth.

30 September 2022: A religious place was vandalized in Kubritand of Jamdiha Panchayat area of Govindpur police station area of Dhanbad.

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