Congress Workers burn an effigy of PM Narendra Modi after SC rejected Electoral Bond

Ranchi: Jharkhand Pradesh Congress Committee (JPCC) President Rajesh Thakur said, The decision given by the Supreme Court on electoral bonds has fallen like a hammer on Modi’s cherished dreams of converting the black money of corporate houses into white. We welcome this historic decision.

The above views were expressed by State Congress President Rajesh Thakur while addressing the workers present after burning the effigy of Modi government to welcome the decision given by the Supreme Court on Electoral Bond.

Expressing joy over the decision of the Supreme Court, Congress leaders and workers under the leadership of State Congress Committee, under the leadership of State Congress President Rajesh Thakur, took out a procession from Congress Bhawan to Shahid Albert Ekka Chowk and burnt the effigy of Modi government.

Expressing his views before the workers and the general public present after the burning of the effigy, Thakur said that the much awaited ‘Black Money Conversion Scheme’ of the Modi government i.e. electoral bonds was introduced in the country in the form of a Finance Bill and the Supreme Court’s decision on it.

Ever since it was introduced as a bill in 2017, Congress has been unequivocally condemning its opaque and undemocratic nature and calling it harmful for the country and an opportunity for the Modi government to receive black money in the form of election donations.

It was considered an effective weapon.

Keeping the people of the country aware about this, the Congress continued the fight with its full capacity inside the Parliament and on the streets outside the Parliament.

Thakur said that an initial attempt was made to change the nature of the democratic structure through this bill, but after 7 years of struggle, the Supreme Court with its decision saved the federal system from collapse.

He said that the public has the right to know how much donations BJP received from corporate villagers through this bond, crossing the extreme limits of corruption and it will definitely be revealed sooner or later.

Thakur said that by taking advantage of this bond and misusing it legally, the corrupt Modi government may have received billions of rupees of black money as donations from its friendly corporate houses.

Expressing his views in the meeting, Working President Bandhu Tirkey said that by legalizing electoral bonds, BJP had invented a new method of illegal recovery from black money earned by industrialists, which has completely collapsed.

Former Union Minister Subodh Kant Sahay said that for the last 7 years, the Indian electoral system was being affected by the funds raised through illegal electoral bonds and black money was flowing into electoral politics through electoral bonds.

He said that what is the reason that about 90% to 95% of the money raised through electoral bonds went to BJP and only 5% to 10% went to other political parties.

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