Congress stages protests against Adani

Ranchi: The Jharkhand unit of the Congress party protested outside the Kutchery Branch of the State Bank of India in Jharkhand’s capital demanding an investigation into the ‘irregularities’ committed by the Adani group of companies by either a joint parliamentary committee or the Supreme Court chief justice.

The demonstration was headed by the party’s state president, Rajesh Thakur, who stated that the party cannot remain silent in a scenario where public funds are at risk. The party used Hindenburg, a US-based research firm, as the foundation for the display. 

The party also challenged Prime Minister Narendra  Modi, citing the report that Adani had received full support from the Modi-led union government. The research, according to state president Thakur, has revealed why the condition of two main institutions in the country, SBI and LIC, is deteriorating.

In the country today, common people’s lifetime wages are declining. How can the Congress party, which always speaks out on issues of public interest, be silent in such a situation, Thakur asked.

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