Congress MLA tweets over poor condition of workers in Karnataka

Ramgarh: Congress party’s Barkagaon MLA Amba Prasad has accused the BJP government of Karnataka of turning lives of workers of Jharkhand into darkness.

The MLA took to Twitter to express her anguish over the poor condition of the workers in that state. She said that the workers have been kept at such places where even it is not fit to keep the animals.

The MLA has also shared a video on her Twitter handle in which workers can be seen saying that they have been kept in such a place where they would die of some other diseases rather than Coronavirus.

Amba said that the darkness in the rooms of the workers was a symbol of darkness which has engulfed the lives of these workers. Moreover, she said that the Karnataka government had also cancelled the trains however it had to made a U-turn after pressure from the people.

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