Coal imports plunge 44% in current financial year

New Delhi (IANS) India’s coal imports for blending have decreased substantially by 44.28 per cent to 15.16 million tonnes during April- Nov, 2023 of the current financial year from 27.21 million tonnes in the same period of the previous year despite the higher generation of power, data released by the Coal Ministry on Saturday showed.

The decline in coal imports despite the escalating power demand shows the nation’s commitment to self-reliance in coal production and minimising overall coal imports, the ministry said.

While the country has ample coal, the fuel is also imported for blending to improve the calorific value of indigenous stocks and reduce emissions at thermal power plants.

India ranks as the world’s third-largest consumer of energy, with an annual electricity demand increase of about 4.7 per cent. The country witnessed a 7.71 per cent surge in power generation from April to November 2023 compared to the corresponding period of previous year.

Coal-based power generation witnessed an increase of 11.19 per cent during April-November 2023, as compared to corresponding period of previous year due to an unprecedented rise in temperature, delayed monsoons in the Northern region of the country coupled with the resumption of full commercial activities post-Covid.

The Domestic coal-based power generation up to November 2023 reached 779.1 Billion Units (BU), reflecting an increase of 8.38 per cent from the 718.83 Billion Units (BU) generated in the corresponding period of last year, the ministry statement added.

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