CM urges to increase Centre’s share in light house project to reduce burden on beneficiaries

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren on Friday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to increase the share of Centre in the light house project so that not much burden falls on the beneficiary.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday via online mode laid the foundation stone for light house projects in six cities including Ranchi. Chief Minister Hemant Soren participated in the function which was held at Football Grounds located at HEC Sector One Market.

He extended his greetings to the Prime Minister for the new year and for the project. He exuded hope that the scheme which is a result of good thoughts and farsightedness of the Prime Minister turns out to be beneficial for the people living in the cities and also for the poor and workers and people who do not have roof on their heads.

The Chief Minister said that under the light house project in Ranchi 1008 homes will be constructed in which the centre and the state government both have to make their contributions but Jharkhand was a backward state which has a large population of workers and poor whose source of income is less.

He said that in such a scenario it will not be possible for people belonging from these communities to pay their share therefore he urged the Prime Minister that the share of the centre is increased so that burden is reduced on the beneficiary.

Hemant Soren said that a large number of poor and workers come for work in the cities and some of them come and go daily while many live in the cities who do not have homes therefore scheme should be formulated to provide homes to such workers and farmers.

He said that the state government was working with the goal to provide housing to all and was running many schemes to provide homes to needy. He said that lakhs of people have been provided keys of their homes while construction of many homes was on.

The Chief Minister said that apart from the rural areas the state government has also accorded focus on execution of housing schemes in the urban areas. He said that in the homes the beneficiary is being also provided water-power and gas connections.

Those present on the occasion included MP Sanjay Seth, MLA Naveen Jaiswal and others.

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