Cloud cover in state, drizzles expected from Sunday onwards

Ranchi: The weather has once again taken a U-turn in the state with the sky having got filled with clouds.

The Saturday morning commenced with cloud cover and fog. The weather cleaned out in the morning however in the late afternoon the sun once again went behind the clouds and a cold breeze started blowing sending the people back to the comfort of their homes.

Scientist at the local MET department Abhishek Anand said that from Sunday onwards drizzle and light rainfall is expected in the state and the weather is likely to remain the same till December 17 however as the sky will clear out temperatures will shrink in the state.

He said that due to Western disturbance snowfall will take place in the hilly states and in the next two to three days its impact would be felt in Jharkhand also like the cold wind coming from the hilly areas will increase the winter in the state.

However, he said that there will not be much changed in the present temperatures and the maximum and minimum temperature in the capital will remain between 26-16 degrees.

In wake of vagaries in the weather conditions, the doctors have asked the people to take necessary precautions as there was a chance of cold, cough, fever and viral infections.

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