Citizens who have crossed 18 years of age will be added in Voters List ahead of 2024 Parliamentary Elections – CEO, K Ravi Kumar

Ranchi: Citizens who have crossed 18 Years of age will be added to the voters list ahead of the country’s 2024 parliamentary elections, Chief Election Officer of Jharkhand K Ravi Kumar said.

Those who have been missed can add their names through the Voters Registration Camp. Every Home in Jharkhand State will have been applied with stickers facility. Digital form of addition of young voters would be done in concerned colleges.

In a massive voter registration campaign, the Election Commission is determined to add new voters in the Voters List. A common man can upload his documents at the Voters Service Portal. The Election Commission would send their Voter Identity Cards through a speed post.

Meanwhile, you can correct your name, address, and upload colour photographs. A survey of each and every home will be done in the upcoming days. Voters Registration Camp and Survey of homes in Jharkhand State will be taking place between July 21 to August 21. 

Similarly, between October 17 to November 30 correction of mistakes would be taking place. The homes which will be surveyed will have been applied with Election Commission of India Stickers. K Ravi Kumar said we will have to focus on the registration in Voters list for Women, Handicapped, Senior Citizens, LGBTQ Community Members, Sex Workers and Particularly Tribal Vulnerable Groups. He said by digital form of uploading documents there will be fewer chances of error in registration. Therefore, within 28 Days new and young Voters will have their Voters Identity Card through Speed Post on their registered address.

He said Male – Female Sex Ratio is continuously rising in a good proportion. He added that the earlier Male – Female sex ratio was 909 Females per 1000 Males now it has risen to 946 Females per 1000 Males. Chief Election Officer K Ravi Kumar said the last date of publication of the Voters List would be on January 5, 2024. He appealed to the common man, Political Parties, and Media Persons to create awareness and advertise the success of democracy.

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