CID will now have its own Police station, DGP issued order

Ranchi: The Crime Investigation Department (CID) will now have its own police station.

DGP Ajay Kumar Singh has issued an order regarding this.

It has been said in the issued order that CID is declared as a state level police station.

The jurisdiction of this police station will be the entire Jharkhand.

The CID will investigate and take action after registering the cases registered in different districts of the state in its own police station.

After the opening of its police station, CID will have the right to register zero FIR in any criminal case of the state.

The CID headquarters had prepared a proposal and sent it to the police headquarters to seek permission from the government to open the police station.

DGP Ajay Kumar Singh agreed to this proposal.

The way the case registered in any case in the state is transferred to the CBI, it itself registers an FIR and conducts the investigation, the CID will also conduct the investigation in the same way.

CID takes over the case registered in any district of the state from the police.

After that, on the basis of the case registered by the police and the diary, it is researched.

CID does not register any new cases. 

Because CID does not have its own police station.

CID already has the authority to take over the case.

Apart from this, on the instructions of Police Headquarters or Home Department, CID takes over any case from the police and investigates it.

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