Church involved behind ‘pathalgadi’ in Khunti: RSS

Ranchi, Mar 13: The RSS has blamed the church over the issue of
‘Pathalgadi’  in Khunti district of the state and said that the manner
in which the central government has put a curb on fake NGOs and
foreign funding has created problems for such vested elements.

Addressing a press conference at the state headquarters of the RSS,
Sah Prant Karyawahak Rakesh Lal said that such elements are now facing
problems in religious conversions and behind the incident of
pathalgadi in Khunti such anti national elements are involved which
included the church. He said that reports from the press and other
sources indicate that church was behind these incident.


He said that
to make sure that cultivation of opium goes uninterrupted and
administrative officials are not able to reach the areas to destroy
them the officials are being prevented from entering the village.
Mr Lal said that the religious conversion bill brought by the state
government has also proved to be a set back for such elements and now
the responsibility was with the state government to look at such
issues. He said that even the society needs to take note of such anti
constitutional acts and people should not be part of anti national

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