Christmas inspired nail gloss options

New Delhi (IANSlife) This is the season to sleigh your nail game! Whether you’re aiming for a bold and glittery look or prefer something more subtle and sophisticated, this Christmas nail art trend has got you covered. It’s time to transform your fingertips into festive masterpieces and let your unique style shine.

Cherry Cola Nails

Taking a cue from the cherry cola lipstick trend that had everyone lining their lips brown followed by a red lipstick in the center for a dark ombre effect, this trend too leans towards the edgy side. The cherry cola nail trend, as the name suggests, is all about capturing the irresistible allure of everyone’s favourite soda in a chic way. Imagine the deep, sultry tones of cherry red and cola brown coming together to create a mesmerizing and vampy nail look. These hues embody the warmth of autumn with a touch of sophistication, making it the perfect choice for those who want to add a dash of mystery and boldness to their manicure.

Glazed Chocolate Nails

Inspired by the glazed nail trend popularized by Hailey Bieber, the Glazed Chocolate Nail Trend introduces the opulent, chocolatey hues of your beloved cocoa delights to your manicure. Picture a velvety blend of deep chocolate browns and glossy, molten finishes that mimic the sheen of a perfectly glazed dessert. This nail trend is a delectable choice for those who crave sophistication with a touch of sweetness. Whether you opt for a classic solid colour, a mesmerizing gradient, or even add some metallic accents for extra flair, glazed chocolate nails exude elegance and warmth. While at a nail bar, opt for a dark brown nail polish like the GLAM Gel Polish in GLP51 A with a white chrome powder finish over top for a mirrored effect.

Aura Nails

Step into a world of ethereal beauty with Aura Nails, a mesmerizing nail trend that captures the essence of cosmic enchantment. Picture a palette inspired by the subtle hues of sunrise and sunset, iridescent glows, and celestial shades that dance between soft pastels and dreamy metallics.

Aura nails bring a touch of mystique to your fingertips, whether through delicate ombre effects, holographic accents, or shimmering gradients. The trend embraces a balance of subtlety and brilliance, offering a versatile canvas for both minimalist and extravagant nail art enthusiasts. This trend, while best created with an airbrush, can also be created with a sponge for an ombre orb effect on the center of the nail.

Clean Girl Nails

The clean girl nail trend embodies a timeless and sophisticated approach to manicure aesthetics. It is all about embracing simplicity, featuring clean solid soft pink shades on the nails that exude a sense of elegance.

Imagine perfectly groomed nails adorned with classic nude or soft pastel shades, achieving a polished and refined look. The clean girl nail trend celebrates understated chic, allowing nails to be the epitome of sophistication without the need for elaborate embellishments.

Classic Red Nails

Since the ‘Red Nail Theory’ went viral on social media, the colour has been showing up on the timelines of many nail enthusiasts. Rediscovering this timeless allure with the classic red nails trend is a nod to the enduring elegance of a bold and iconic hue. This look is effortlessly chic, providing a touch of glamour for any occasion, from casual outings to formal events.

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