Child kidnapped from Argora 15 days ago recovered, many women and men are in custody

Ranchi: Police have recovered the one-and-a-half-year-old child who was kidnapped from the Argora area on October 23. The child was kidnapped and sold. The police have detained many men and women, including those who bought and sold children and are interrogating them at secret places. However, the police have not yet officially confirmed this.

A big racket is involved in child trafficking. The police are trying to reach other people in this racket. Madhu Devi, living near the litchi garden of Jagannathpur police station area, was lured by criminals to Harmu in Ranchi by former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni by luring her with a house and money. After that, the criminals snatched her one-and-a-half-year-old child from the mother’s lap and fled away.

The child’s mother had lodged a complaint at Argora police station. The woman told the police that she also chased the criminals while making noise. But both the criminals escaped on the bike. Madhu Devi had told the police that on the afternoon of October 23, she was feeding momos from a cart near Hinu Ilex to her eight-year-old daughter and one-and-a-half year old son Rudra Raj.

Meanwhile, a woman and a man reached there on a bike and they said that Dhoni is giving five thousand rupees and a house to every poor person. The woman fell into the trap of both the criminals and left her daughter near the cart and sat on the bike of the criminal along with her son. However, the woman who was with the man. She stopped there. Meanwhile, the criminal Harmu reached the electricity office with Madhu. After this the criminal told Madhu that a meeting is going on, please wait here.

The criminal left on the bike saying that he would bring his wife. After some time, the criminal reached the spot with his wife and bought a biscuit for the child. During this time Madhu was standing at some distance. Making the excuse of feeding the child biscuits, the woman took him in her lap and then suddenly seeing the opportunity, ran away with the child.

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