Chief Minister meets more than thirty thousand tribal boys and girls in Odisha, says children will increase honour of country & state

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren during his visit to the neighbouring state of Odisha interacted with more than 30,000 tribal students at Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology and Institute of Social Science. Speaking on the occasion he heaped praise on Dr Achyut Samanta, founder of the institutions and said that Dr Samanta has done the work of providing free education to thousands of poor and tribal children. 

He invited him to come to Jharkhand and give guidance to the youth of Jharkhand and teach them how way can be paved for the tribal children here to walk on the track of development and expressed his desire to work together on this. In his message to the students, he said that the future generation is sitting here and asked them to grab their bright future as the development of any society is possible only when a child expands education to his family and society by reading and writing.

The Chief Minister said how we can do better in the field of education he has come here to know this and to learn from the thousands of children sitting here. Good things should be adopted with this. He said that though he could not bring anything for the organization but promised to give his one month’s salary to this institute.

The Chief Minister said that today this platform forces everyone to think a lot. With great difficulty, a tribal coming from the tribal society reached the top post of the state and he got an opportunity to work for the development of the state from December 2019 but during the Corona period, the pace of development was stopped for some time.

Continuing further he said that after this when life became normal he got a chance to work in the tribal areas of Jharkhand and has taken many things forward very fast. He said that Jharkhand is the first state in the country, where 100 percent scholarship is given to tribal children for higher education abroad. 

There is satisfaction in the mind that the society which yearns to get an education from the school is getting higher education abroad the Chief Minister said adding that the state government will bear the expenses incurred by the children of the state in preparing for competitive exams, the government has also made a law related to this.

Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh said that he had been hearing the name of this university of Bhubaneswar for years and used to think that this institute must be giving education to children in a small place. But he came to know the truth after coming here. He said that those who established this university must have been blessed by God.

The Chief Minister is making a lot of efforts that such an institute should be built in Jharkhand as well. For this we have come among you and hoped that his journey will start a new chapter in Jharkhand. The Institute of Social Science is the largest tribal institute in the whole world, which was started in 1992-93 by Dr Achyut Samanta.

In this institute, along with giving education to the children of the deprived tribal class across the country, they are made employable. At present, about 40 thousand tribal children are provided free of cost education from primary to higher education, in which most of the girls get an education.

Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh, Secretary to Chief Minister Vinay Kumar Choubey, wife of Chief Minister Kalpana Soren, Founder of KIIT and KISS University Dr Achyut Samanta, Principal Personal Secretary to Chief Minister Sunil Kumar Srivastav and others were present on the occasion.

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