Chief Minister inaugurates air ambulance service for the people of Jharkhand, assures efforts on to provide service to poor also

Ranchi: Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that in a milestone occasion, Air Ambulance Service has been launched with the aim of providing emergency health care to the common citizens of the state which is an important step towards strengthening the health facility in Jharkhand.

Speaking at the event organised at the state hangar he said that an epidemic like Corona came before us as a challenge in the form of a disaster and told us the importance of strengthening emergency health facilities. Apart from Corona, we are aware of many new and serious diseases. He said that to fight against these diseases the government is trying to strengthen the health infrastructure in the state.

He said that there are also many diseases for which it becomes necessary to go outside the state for better treatment and sometimes the distance between life and death is very less, in such a situation there is a lot of difficulty in taking the patient by road or rail. Therefore in case of emergency, if timely treatment is available to the sick person, many lives can be saved. 

Keeping these things in mind, this “Air Ambulance Service” has been launched. He said that it is not that only those who can pay will be able to use this service, it is the intention of the government to take those who cannot pay according to need through air ambulance and provide health services.

The Chief Minister said that whether it is a politician, a government employee or a common citizen, health care should be equal for all. People on a large scale here go to other states for better medical treatment using air ambulances and sometimes a situation arises where there is a paucity of time so an attempt to reduce the lack of time in this has been made he said adding that this effort is not limited to the treatment of other states only, further links are yet to be added. 

Hemant Soren said that it is the endeavor of the State Government to make helipads on the roadside at various places and the people injured in serious road accidents can be taken to the hospital on time. The Chief Minister said the government is addressing on how to deal with the challenges being seen in the health sector and how to solve problems the government is seriously monitoring this.

He said that the government has put forward the idea of making better efforts in the health sector before the people of the state and hopes that this service will save lives of many people and this air ambulance service will prove to be a milestone for the state.

The Chief Minister said that his government is determined to develop social infrastructure like education and health and we are making continuous efforts in this direction so that quality can be brought in the lives of common people and the Air ambulance service is the result of our sincere efforts.

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