Chief Minister Hemant Soren participated in the program ‘Aapki Yojana, Aapki Sarkar, Aapke Dawar’ in Meral of Garhwa

Garhwa: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said, “Government schemes are waiting at your doorstep.” He was addressing a gathering during the third phase of ‘Aapki Yojana, Aapki Sarkar, Aapke Dawar’ Programme at Garhwa on Thursday. Make yourself strong and self-reliant by joining these schemes. 

Chief Minister Hemant Soren was addressing the program organized under the third phase of “Aapki Yojana – Aapki Sarkar – Aapke Dwar” in Meral block of Garhwa district He said that under this scheme, camps are being organized in all the panchayats. I can’t go to all the camps, but I am attending some of the camps. By reaching these camps, I am trying to see whether you are actually getting the benefits of the schemes made by the government for you or not.

The government is working with this commitment to ensure that the schemes come on the ground. The Chief Minister said that many schemes are running in the state and each scheme is special in itself. There are different schemes for those living in rural and urban backgrounds. 80 percent of the people of our state live in villages. In such a situation, many schemes are being run for the welfare of farmers, labourers, tribals, Dalits and minorities. The objective of these schemes is to strengthen the rural economy. When the village becomes strong, our state will also become strong, our government is working with this thinking.

The Chief Minister said that Jharkhand has entered adolescence. It has been 23 years since this state was formed, but during the last two decades this state always remained marginalized in terms of development. No one cared about how the state of Jharkhand progressed. But, our government is working with full strength for the reconstruction of Jharkhand. Our government is working with the same commitment to ensure that the schemes are  implemented on the ground. How can the state stand on its own feet? How can Jharkhand be included in the category of top states? For this, we are moving forward by making a better action plan.

The Chief Minister said that the government is committed to providing social security to everyone. Keeping this in mind, our government has implemented the Universal Pension Scheme. Now all the elderly, widows and disabled people are getting pension. Now there is no age limit for widows and disabled people for pension. Pension is also being given to disabled children of 5 years. 

The Chief Minister said that the children of the state will no longer have to worry about money for studies. How many steps have been taken to provide good and better education to poor children also. There is a Kishori Bai Savitri Phule scheme for girls. It is providing financial assistance to children for preparing for exams and doing various courses. Education loan up to Rs 15 lakh is being given under Guruji Credit Card Scheme. To avail this benefit you will not have to give any guarantee. The government will become your guarantor. 

The Chief Minister said that along with government jobs, appointment letters are being given to youth on a large scale in the private sector also. At the same time, there is a Chief Minister Employment Generation Scheme for those who want to be self-employed. You apply for this scheme. You will be given financial help from the government for your business. I want to tell you that you should not work for others, but do your work and provide employment to others also.

The Chief Minister said that I had already instructed that every beneficiary coming under the program “Aapki Yojana – Aapki Sarkar – Aapke Dwar” should be given a fruitful plant. I am very happy that about 5000 fruit plants were distributed among the people in the camp organized here. The responsibility of planting trees should not be given to any one person, rather everyone should get this responsibility. The more and more trees we plant, it will not only be good from the environmental protection point of view, but will also become a better source of income for you.

The Chief Minister said that the Budha Pahad area of Garhwa was once synonymous with terror and terror. The militants had the entire area under their control. Here people lived under the shadow of fear. But, due to the efforts of our government, this area has become free from militancy. I myself reached Budha Pahar and sat with the people and shared their sorrows, pains and problems. Smiles can be seen on the faces of people here. 

A long line of development is being drawn through various schemes in the entire area. The Chief Minister said that our government is taking every possible step to increase the income of farmers. Kisan Pathshala is being opened. Here farmers are being given information about the latest farming techniques. At the same time, 20 lakh additional green ration cards are being issued and grains are being given to the poor and needy. 100 units of electricity are being given free to consumers. Apart from this, there are many such schemes through which the villagers are being strengthened and empowered.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister inaugurated 1146 schemes constructed at a cost of Rs 99 crore 96 lakh 89 thousand. At the same time, the foundation stone of 109 schemes was laid. A total of Rs 111 crore 39 lakh 73 thousand 562 will be spent on these schemes. In this way, the people of Garhwa got the gift of 1255 schemes costing Rs 211 crore 36 lakh 62 thousand 562. 

The Chief Minister paved the way for their empowerment and became self-reliant by providing assets worth Rs 7 crore 49 lakh 63 thousand 745 among the beneficiaries of various schemes. 

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