Chhath Mahaparv: More than 60 ghats are ready in Ranchi, NDRF to be stationed at 4 places

Ranchi: The state capital is all geared to host the devotees and their kin on the river banks during the auspicious festival of Chhath Mahaparv as on behalf of the Ranchi Municipal Corporation, the work of cleaning the ponds of the city is almost in the last stage. The first arghya will be performed on Wednesday.

Apart from this, the cleaning of the roads leading to the ghat is also going on. Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Rajnish Kumar has claimed that all Chhath Ghats will be completely ready by Tuesday evening. Apart from cleaning the ghats, barricading, construction of temporary changing rooms and spraying of bleaching powder are being done.

Button pond, Argora pond, Jail Chowk pond, Namkum Ghaghra Ghat, Chadri Talab, Kadru, Bada Talab, Hatniya Talab, Kanke Dam, Hehal Talab, Jagannathpur Talab more than 60 ghats have been prepared in Ranchi for the festival. Artificial Chhath Ghat has been constructed at 10 places in Harmu.

In these artificial ponds, the corporation is also supplying water to all the ghats by tanker. The Deputy Municipal Commissioner said that the construction work of artificial Chhath Ghat is going on in different wards of the capital. There is an appeal to the devotees to avoid crowding at the ponds and celebrate the festival in the artificial Chhath Ghat in the localities themselves.

This time the devotees who are preparing to celebrate Chhath in ponds and reservoirs must know that there are ghats where there is a depth of up to six feet as soon as they enter the pond these include Kanke Dam, Hatama Basti, Morhabadi, Divyan Talab, New Nagar Dam, Cart Pond, Tiril Pond, Banas Talab, Karmatoli Chowk Pond, Bada Talab, Madhukam Basti Pond, Argora Talab, Hatiya Dam, Chadri Talab, Jail Chowk Pond, Hatniya Talab, therefore, the devotees should refrain from going into deeper waters.

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