Champai Soren is a spineless Chief Minister – Babulal Marandi

Ranchi: Former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi made an attack on Chief Minister Champai Soren.

He said that Jharkhand has never seen a spineless Chief Minister like Champai Soren.

Despite Alamgir Alam’s corruption being exposed, Champai Soren is unable to muster the courage to dismiss him from the cabinet.

He said that the puppet Chief Minister has withdrawn the departments under the responsibility of Alamgir Alam but has not removed him from the post of minister.

He said that the last four and a half years have been heavy for the people of Jharkhand, especially the youth.

The youth of Jharkhand kept waiting for jobs but Hemant Soren tried to bargain for jobs by entangling the local youth in issues like planning policy, 60:40, and outside-inside and paper leak.

He said that after Hemant Soren’s jail after leaving, the public expected that Champai Soren would bring transparency in the appointment process, stop corruption and rein in criminals, but exactly the opposite happened.

Babulal Marandi said that now the public should decide what is the use of such a Chief Minister who neither has the courage to take action against the corrupt, nor has the courage to teach a lesson to the paper leak mafia, nor has the will to provide employment to the youth.

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