CCL’s Appointment Letter handed over to 51 Candidates

Ranchi: During the “National Lok Adalat” organised at Jharkhand High Court on Saturday CCL,’s appointment letters were handed over to 51 candidates against pre-litigated cases and a couple of pending cases.

In the chairmanship of Justice H C Mishra, Executive Chairman, JHALSA cum Chairman, HCLSC created three Benches of Justice Dr S N Pathak, Justice Rajesh Kumar, Justice S K Dwivedi. CMD CCL, Gopal Singh was invited as a special guest by JHALSA.

CMD CCL Gopal Singh, while expressing his gratitude towards the Court, said that with the cooperation of the court, a decision on these pre litigated and pending cases has been taken successfully. This has not only saved the time of the Court but benefitted CCL also. In such an environment, industries in Jharkhand will get the right impetus.

On this occasion, the eminent dignitaries handed over the ‘Appointment Letter’ to 51 candidates.

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