Cabinet nod to set up three more private universities in Jharkhand

Ranchi: The state cabinet has approved three bills for the establishment of three private universities in the state. The State has already 15 private universities. The bills include Babu Dinesh Singh University Bill 2022, Jain University Bill 2022 and Sona Devi University Bill 2022.

The state higher and technical education department has given proposals for the same. Apart from this, the cabinet also gave approval for increasing the fund for the purchase of household materials to the chief minister and ministers for tenure. 

Earlier the amount was Rs 1.5 lakh. Now Rs 3 lakh has been approved. Apart from this, the cabinet also approved Rs 20 thousand per annum for its maintenance. Cabinet coordination secretary Vandana Dadel informed that the cabinet approved as many as 29 proposals of different departments.

Prominent among those approval include increasing funds for Mnrega workers. While Rs 75000 was provided in lieu of the accidental death of workers, it has been increased to Rs 2 lakh. In the same way, while only Rs 30000 was provided in case of natural death, Rs 1, 00,000 has been approved. 

In case of the accident earlier Rs 375000 was provided for Mnrega workers and now the cabinet has approved Rs 75000. A list of other approvals includes Rs 25.56 crore for a water project in Garhwa, payment in accordance with the recommendation of the seventh pay commission scale to Social Welfare Advisory Board employees since January 1, 2016, payment of provisional pension counting past service period to those 791 Bihar Road Transport Corporation employees who was accommodated in government service on August 24, 2011 in accordance with Jharkhand High Court and Supreme Court order.

The list of approvals also includes Rs 37.26 crore to create a digital platform through the e-governance blockchain technique, Rs 44.80 crore for Surangi project, increase in 7.5 percent rate of water for the industrial purpose among others.

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