Budget 2021-22 will be a milestone for Jharkhand: Hemant Soren

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that budget 2021-22 which was tabled in the assembly by Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon will be a milestone for the state.

Interacting with the press at the Vidhan Sabha here he said that the Government is moving ahead with long term plans whose result will be far fetched. He said that in the last 20 years for this state whatever policies were formed all of them were for immediate benefits therefore his government has made a provision of  ‘outcome budget’ which means that the government does not want to make a budget but rather it wants to see its results.

He said that Jharkhand is such a state which should have been counted among leading and developed states of the country but seriousness for the state was very less seen in the previous governments. However this time the state government has made an assessment of the  internal resources and on the basis of the capacity of the state has made work plans accordingly.

He said adding that efforts have been made so that from rural areas to urban areas such an environment is created in the state where all people get employment. The Chief Minister said this budget has been tabled just now, many things will now come out in open and they will have a large scale impact in the state.

The Chief Minister said that whatever happened under the tenure of the ‘Double Engine’ government was seen by everyone. He said that a downfall has happened in the economic activities and due to Coronavirus pandemic the economy of the country was also adversely impacted.

However, the cooperation of the centre which has been extended to Jharkhand in these difficult times  is before everyone. He said that the share in the central pool has been reduced and in future it can not be ruled out that Jharkhand will have to find solutions to many problems on its own. He said that even the Union Minister says that if joins NDA then he would get more money.

The Chief Minister said that the government has taken things in a phase wise manner and will take them also forward in a phase wise manner. He said that compared to previous fiscal this year the budget has been increased which means the government has given priority to some issues and those things will have its impact on the state and in rural areas economic empowerment will take place. He said that after this budget the government will move ahead with new work plans.

Over the acts of the Opposition he said that ‘they’ do not have anything left with them as the manner in which in the last one year the government has made efforts to come out of troubled waters and has given a right direction to the state the opposition is not able to come over it. He said that this year will be for creating employment and every year with a fixed target the government will work and one by one things will be clearly realised on the ground.

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