Boost your well-being while in isolation

New Delhi (IANSlife) As social distancing and quarantine become part of our new reality, a lot of real-life action has now gone virtual. From unending Zoom calls to online workout sessions to even virtual dates all the while being stuck at home — the list only goes on.

In such trying times, it’s important to not only care for those around you but also indulge in the right care for yourself. In fact, the need for self-care to ensure mental and physical well-being is being increasingly recognised as a potent tool to dealing with our demanding lifestyle today. Moving away from the conventional association of self-care with women, it’s now well acknowledged that self-care knows no gender — because it is the art and act of consciously putting yourself first.

So, how does one get started with self-care? Rachit Mehra, Senior Marketing Manager, Phy, PurePlay Skin Sciences Ltd, guides you how.

Time for home workouts

Gyms across cities might be temporarily shut, but what’s stopping you from setting up a makeshift gym in a corner of your room or balcony! If working out without a trainer feels unfamiliar, start off with one of those online training sessions on fitness apps. Working out releases endorphins that bring a natural glow to your skin while lowering your stress levels. And who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing shower after a fun workout. A sulphate-free bodywash infused with natural ingredients might just be what you’re looking for to take on the day recharged.

Netflix and chill by yourself

WFH has blurred the lines between office and home schedules. However, it is important to follow a schedule to take time out for yourself. Make sure to follow a schedule, eat your meals on time and most importantly, sign off from work on time. Catch an episode of your favourite series on Netflix, watch reruns of Friends if you need to blow off some steam laughing.

Take time out for skincare

Let’s face it — in between our busy schedules we barely get time to wash our faces twice a day, let alone use a moisturizer. Why not use this isolation period as some downtime for your skin! Maintaing a basic skincare routine like washing your face in the morning and before going to bed, applying a moisturizer, using a good, fragrant bodywash to calm your senses, a body mist to quickly hit refresh doesn’t take a lot of effort and is definitely not time consuming.

Isolation can be challenging and as individuals are separated from regular (read social) lives they are bound to go through a myriad of emotions — anxiety, loneliness, stress, or feeling overwhelmed. But with some basics one can make the best use of these times. Skipping meals is a no-no just how drinking water to stay hydrated is a big yes-yes. Listen to music, pursue a hobby and try to look at the brighter side of things, like not getting stuck in hours of work commute, being able to spend more time with friends, working out of your home in your pajamas; you get the drift!

Self-care need not be an elaborate process or a ritual that needs to be saved for the weekend or a special day. And if anxiety or stress seem to be getting the better of you, reach out to a friend, family or a mental health expert and talk. In the end as they say, this too shall pass.

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