Blast in DVC Coal Mines of Latehar, nearby houses damaged

Latehar: Due to the blast in the coal mines run by DVC in Tubed village of Sadar block many nearby houses are being damaged.

Due to which the people around are very scared.

The mud tile house of Shyamlal Oraon, a resident of Dihi village, was damaged due to the blasting that took place in the mines at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.

Muktabhogi Shyamlal Oraon said that blasting work is being done for mining.

Due to which many nearby houses are getting damaged. But the company is not taking care.

He said that after the blasting, the tiles, planks and bamboo of the house fell down.

There has also been a crack in the house.

He told that when the incident happened, there were two goats inside the house.

It was a shame that he did not die.

He told that at the time the incident happened.

There were no members of the house at that time.

Otherwise a major disaster could have happened.

After such an incident, the people nearby are very scared.

The victim’s family members allege that the information about the incident was given to the DVC Company.

But the company people did not even come to see.

Here, continuous blasting is being done by the company for coal excavation, but the nearby houses have not been evacuated due to which people are facing a lot of trouble in living.

Local people are always afraid that their houses will collapse due to blasting.

Due to which someone can die at any time.

Here, a call was made to the mobile number of GM JK Mandya of DVC Company to take a stand, but he did not receive the call.

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