‘Black out’ for an hour in half Ranchi over problems in Hatia Grid

Ranchi: for about NR more than how the areas of the state capital witnessed a blackout due to the problems caused in Hatia grid.

Due to the problem power supply from three  Power Grids including Namkum, Hatia 1 and Hatia 2 stopped and after an hour alternative power supply arrangement was made through Hatia 1 and Namkum grids.

General Manager of the power department SK Singh said for maintenance work shut down was taken from Kolkata during which one isolator of Hatia 2 power grid malfunctioned due to which power supply was stopped and it subsequently had its impact on Hatia 1 grid. He said that through alternative measures power was supplied through Hatia 1 and Namkum grids.

Due to the problems power supply was adversely impacted in Bahu Bazar Pahari Mandir Chutia Ketari Bagan Harmu Kokar Upper Bazar and main road of the capitol however late in the afternoon the power supply became normal in These areas.

Singh said that for maintenance work the shutdown was taken and everything was going as per the plan but suddenly things fell off the track however the technical flaws were soon rectified by the engineers.

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