BJP still most trusted to handle issues: IANS-CVOTER 2019 Poll Tracker

New Delhi (IANS) Despite being in power for five years, most of the voters spread across the cross-section of society feel that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is best suited to tackle issues concerning the country.

The latest findings of CVOTER-IANS poll tracker 2019 show that the people continue to trust the ruling BJP and feel that the party can best manage the problems.

The maximum faith on the BJP was posed by the unemployed as 42.1 per cent of the jobless said that the party can best manage or handle any particular issue.

The party got the least approval — 22.4 per cent — from housewives. Though only 15.8 per cent of housewives preferred the Congress, the narrow between the BJP and Congress among housewives is the thinnest.

Among land owning farmers, 33.9 per cent said they favoured the BJP while 18.5 were ready to trust the Congress. Thirty seven per cent of the respondents who were government servant said that the BJP was the best choice while only 15.2 per cent beaucrats would go for the Congress.

The gap between the BJP and the Congress is consistent among various sections barring housewives.

Around 36 per cent each of respondents who are in private jobs or self-employed favour the BJP. Around 13 per cent of private sector employees prefers Congress and 17.6 per cent of self-employed persons are for Congress.

Around 23 per cent of the respondents involved in fishery said they don’t trust both the BJP and the Congress as 16.5 per cent of private sector employees also rejected both the parties.

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