BJP MLA Randhir Singh accuses Dumka MP of fueling groupism

Jamtara: BJP’s Sarath MLA and former cabinet minister Randhir Singh has accused his own party colleague Dumka MP Suni Soren of fuelling groupism in the ranks of the party.

Addressing a press conference here he said that MP has no interest in the development works but he was only serious to make sure that his name features on the boards of the inauguration and completion of schemes. He said that when the MP arrives in the area even he is not informed.

Randhir Singh said that in state-funded schemes on the boards the name of local MLA is written while when the project is completed or executed with central funds than on the planks’ name of MP and MLA both are written.

He said that instead of working for the development of Dumka the MP was more interested in fuelling groupism in the party. He went on to claim that despite working day and night to ensure the success of Sunil Soren in the Lok Sabha polls that the MP in the present does not even speak with him.

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