BJP means ‘live rich capitalists’ – JMM

Ranchi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi fiercely targeted JMM and former CM Hemant Soren during his visit to Jharkhand. After this, JMM has also hit back at PM Modi and BJP. JMM General Secretary Supriyo Bhattacharya said that the PM stood on the soil of Dhanbad and said big things about corruption and corrupt people.

PM Modi not only arrived in Dhanbad, but also gave a political speech. We all know that BJP means “Live prosperous capitalists”. Bhattacharya said that if the Prime Minister did not fulfill the guarantee of his married life, then how would your family understand? Chakradharpur is the highest revenue generating railway division in the country. But passenger facilities are negligible.

Bhattacharya said that the Prime Minister talks about corruption. Have you forgotten to say that how the corrupt people declared by you like Himanta Vishwasharma, Ajit Pawar, Praful Patel, Narayan Rane, BS Vedurappa, Shubhendu Adhikari were looking in the cap you were wearing to day? Prime Minister, you talk about tribals. Let’s talk about law and order. But do not say anything on the issue of Manipur. 

Supriya Bhattacharya asked whether Manipur is a part of any other country. Is Kathua a matter of pride for you? Your brave MP touched the honor of the person whom you called your daughter. Do you think that hand is very strong?

Prime Minister, the place where you were standing and talking is the soil of Jharkhand, and Jharkhand has stood against money-lending thinking like yours many times and has defeated them, because we all know how long the oppressor will continue to oppress the power. From the corridors of. Now little by little it is passing, with the slogans of change. 

Prime Minister, the voice you have kept in jail through deceit and fraud. His voice is echoing in the open sky. You must be hearing only one voice… I am Hemant, Jharkhand will not bow down. Bhattacharya said that you are the leader of such a big party. Then the person who cursed you for 15 years and showed you political indecency, today you had to make him your leader.

Supriyo also targeted Babulal Marandi without taking his name. Supriyo said, Prime Minister, whatever guarantee you have. Take a guarantee from Jharkhand also that the honey with which you are dreaming of winning the elections in the upcoming Lok Sabha will not work. The public will whip you with its votes.

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