BJP attacks government over ban on processions for Ramnavami and Sarhul

Ranchi: State BJP President and Rajya Sabha MP Deepak Prakash has attacked the state government over its decision to ban the procession during the festivals of Sarhul and Ramnavami.

He said that the decision of the state government is hurting the people and is an attack on the religious traditions and culture. He said that the party wants that people should be saved from the coronavirus but it is the responsibility of the state government to also make sure that religious and cultural values of any community are not hurt.

The BJP leader said that on the previous occasions  also the state government was forced to take a U-turn on it decision as most of such decisions are taken in a hurry without thinking the consequences.

Deepak Prakash said that by following social distancing and rules of covid religious and cultural programs can be organised and the government should think in that direction. He said that in the same environment by polls are going to be held in the state in which many public meetings and political programs will be held. He said that if the state government it is stopping religious activities then the Chief Minister should also announced that he will be not participating in any public meetings or political program.

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