Birsa Munda Football Stadium will become 45+ Vaccination Center

Ranchi: The district administration is fully engaged in preparing for the intensive campaign of Covid-19 vaccination.

As part of the initiative, a vaccination center will be operated for the beneficiaries above the age of 45 years at Birsa Munda Football Stadium in Ranchi.  On Thursday DC Chhavi Ranjan reached at Birsa Munda Football Stadium to take stock of the preparations.

During this, Deputy Development Commissioner Vishal Sagar, Additional Collector Naxal Ramvriksha Mahto, Sub-Divisional Officer Sadar Ranchi Utkarsh Gupta and other concerned officers were present.

Under the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, every weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) vaccination work will be done at Birsa Munda Football Stadium.  Here the vaccine will be given to the beneficiaries above the age of 45 years.

There will be a walk-in arrangement in the vaccination center set up for the beneficiaries above the age of 45 years at the Birsa Munda Football Stadium.  Here people can come and register themselves, after which they will be given a token so that unnecessary crowd can be avoided.  An appeal has been made by the district administration that people should not crowd unnecessarily and follow the guidelines related to Corona.  Follow social distancing at the vaccination center, use of masks compulsorily.

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