Bills will now be sent to Raj Bhavan only in Hindi – Assembly Speaker

Ranchi: A high-level and all-party meeting was held under the chairmanship of Speaker Ravindra Nath Mahato regarding the monsoon session of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly starting from 28 July.

The meeting was attended by Chief Minister Hemant Soren, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Alam, Labour Minister Satyanand Bhokta, MLAs Saryu Rai, Kamlesh Singh, Amit Yadav and Lambodar Mahato.

No BJP representative attended the meeting.

After the all-party meeting, Speaker Ravindra Nath Mahato said that he insists that the house should run smoothly and all the members should help in the successful functioning of the house, the opposition and the parties should also cooperate.

He is hopeful that the monsoon session will be better, there is no possibility of disruption in it, if there is any disruption, it will be stopped and the House will live up to the expectations of the public.

The speaker said that there have been many cases of errors in the bills and their return and now the assembly has decided that the language in which the bill will be passed in the assembly, that bill will be sent to the Raj Bhavan.

The bill is passed in the Vidhansabha in Hindi, if there is a need to translate any bill, Raj Bhavan is competent for it.

The speaker said that a 3-day workshop was organized in the past, in which IAS and Jharkhand Administrative Service officers took training, its benefit will also be available in this session.

Both the legislature and the executive are complementary to each other and both have to work together.

On the question of BJP’s non-participation in the all-party meeting, the speaker said that it is not his matter, but the BJP should answer it.

Perhaps he would be busy, due to which he could not attend the meeting.

Only BJP representatives can answer this.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Alamgir Alam said that all the MLAs gave their opinion regarding the smooth running of the House.

On non-participation of any BJP representative, Alamgir Alam said that BJP representatives are not coming for the last several meetings, it is up to them to decide whether to attend the meeting or not.

It would have been better if you had come to the meeting.

Earlier, the speaker also took stock of the preparations by holding a high-level meeting with the officials.

Many officers including State DGP Ajay Kumar Singh, Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh, Home Secretary Avinash Kumar were present.

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