‘Bigg Boss 15’: Afsana Khan denies leaving the house

Mumbai (IANS) Contestant Afsana Khan, who has been reportedly asked to move out of the house by ‘Bigg Boss’ as punishment for trying to harm herself and also misbehaving with other contestants, has denied leaving the show.

In the upcoming episode, Afsana will be seen blaming wild card contestant Rajiv Adatia for following her and touching her in an inappropriate way. She used some bad words and blamed him. The reason behind her entire frustration lies in the fact that she is out of the task for the entry in the ‘VIP Zone’.

Any contestant looking for a finale must become a ‘VIP member’ of the house.

This task has now created a number of arguments among the housemates.

While Afsana blames Rajiv, Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal make her understand the situation and ask her not to use explicit language. But she goes on even blaming Shamita Shetty for using Rajiv against her.

Later she asks ‘Bigg Boss’ to call her in the confession room to convey that either she or Shamita can stay inside the house.

Shamita also says that she is not used to such words and wants to leave the house.

Later, Afsana is called by ‘Bigg Boss’ to give explanations regarding her behaviour and was asked to move out of the house.

But she denies and thus other housemates were called to take her out.

She is determined to move out only with Rajiv and says that she will not leave because of Rajiv and Shamita.

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