Bharat Thakur to set up yoga centre in Kashmir

New Delhi (IANS) Renowned yoga guru Bharat Thakur on Monday said he will invest in setting up an “Artistic Yoga” centre and retreat in the Kashmir Valley in partnership with local entrepreneurs and start a venture under the skill development programme of the Central government.

“We will make more than 500 youngsters, into trainee yoga instructors,” Thakur said.

Trainees will be hired on the basis of a fixed stipend, and after the training period, will be offered jobs of handling yoga centres in India and abroad, he added.

“We will also encourage enterprising youth to independently run centres on a revenue share basis,” said Thakur, who is the Chairman of the Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga companies worldwide.

As for plans to set up a centre in the Valley, Thakur said his team will start the process soon.

“We have centres in most states of the country. In Jammu and Kashmir, we are looking at our flagship venue, which will be a fusion of yoga and traditional Indian wellness for domestic as well as international travellers,” he said.

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