Bal Govind involved in illegal coal business, raided on the instructions of DIG and seized 100 tons of coal

Ranchi/Bokaro: The police team has taken major action against illegal coal business. On the instructions of DIG Surendra Kumar Jha, the police team led by Bermo DSP conducted raids in different villages located in Penk Narayanpur police station area of Bokaro late on Sunday night. During this period, the police recovered about 100 tonnes of illegally stored coal in Pipradih and Jamunia villages.

Investigation revealed that Bal Govind Mahato, a resident of Penk, had kept this coal for smuggling. In such a situation, the question is arising that under whose protection Bal Govind Mahato was doing illegal coal business. Illegal coal trade was going on in a protected manner in Bokaro and Ramgarh districts.

Illegal coal trade was going on indiscriminately in Baghraiya, Alkusia and Hurdag forests of Raghavan OP area located on the border of Ramgarh-Bokaro district and in Pek Narayanpur police station area. After receiving this information, on the instructions of the DIG, the police team led by Bermo DSP conducted a raid. The morale of the coal mafia could be gauged from the fact that coal is being produced from 35-40 illegal mines here.

It is transported by tractor in the dark of night to Jarkunda and Tati Jharia of Chatrochatti police station area. From there, some coal was loaded in big trailers to the Rungta plant located at Kuju OP and some coal was loaded in trucks and sent to the markets of Dehri and Banaras through fake documents. Seven to eight trailers of coal were sent to the Rungta plant every day. However, before Holi, illegal coal smuggling has been curbed.

Laborers get a wage of two thousand rupees for one tractor cutting coal. At the same time, women who carry coal out of the mine are given one thousand rupees for one tractor of coal. On the other hand, the coal mafia doing illegal coal cutting sells coal for 10 to 12 thousand rupees per tractor.

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