Ayurveda for modern day beauty

New Delhi (IANSlife) The world’s oldest documented body of medical knowledge for physical, spiritual and psychological wellbeing, Ayurveda, expounds a way-of-life. Focusing on the balance between the governing forces of all Life, or the Doshas (mind, body and soul) this science is codified in the text, ‘Charaka Sa?hita’.

Empowering us with a framework to understand the natural shifts in our bodies, with day-to-day guidance to maintain the balance of doshas, Ayurveda enables the maintenance of good health — the key to the highest state of beauty.

As the world rediscovers the potency of natural healing today, the ancient science is emerging as a system of choice for many. Where true beauty comes from within, Ayurveda speaks highly of skincare rituals, using natural ingredients to maintain and improve health of the skin, hair and body.

Using rich, natural ingredients, beauty brand Kama Ayurveda curates ranges of authentic Ayurvedic treatments, as modern skincare solutions. With the promise to provide unmatched purity, the brand researches each product, to give consumers the truest time-tested Ayurvedic formulations, containing unadulterated ingredients selected for their efficacy.

Bringing Ayurvedic products suitable for different hair and skin types to the front, the brands Ayurvedic treatments are gentle, yet highly effective. The quality and authenticity of ingredients such as handpicked Saffron from Kashmir, Bhringraj from Western Ghats, Roses from Kannauj and Jasmine from Madurai, strengthen the efficacy of each formulation.

Following the principles of Ayurveda, the brand believes that your skin and hair are a reflection of your overall health. To help consumers understand and better use their products, it has a wide network of ayurvedic doctors present at their stores and website.

In a bid to quantify the efficacy of their Ayurvedic beauty solutions, the brand has been conducting clinical trials via an internationally recognised third party. Some of their findings include the Kumkumadi Serum proven to brighten by 2.5 times, reduce pigmentation by 20 per cent in 4 weeks; the Rejuvenating and Brightening Night Cream brightening skin by 2.5 times, reduces dark spots and blemishes by 20 per cent; the Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub proven to smoothen skin by 34 per cent and reduce pores and firm skin by 24 per cent.

As a brand deep rooted in the learnings of Ayurvedic beauty, Kama Ayurveda continues to conduct trials on an increased portfolio of products, thereby strengthening and affirming the modern day beauty buyer of the power of natural beauty.

Socialite Mira Rajput Kapoor, a patron, has chosen to share her experience stating, ”A few months after delivering my second child, my skin started losing its luminosity. It looked dull and I started getting dark spots. This is a common concern as our bodies change. Around this time, I discovered and started using Kama Ayurveda’s Rejuvenating Night Cream. Every night after cleansing and toning, I started to apply this luxurious cream on my face and neck. After a few weeks, my skin was glowing, and dark spots had visibly reduced. My skin also felt super supple.”

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