Autism can be controlled through awareness: Disability Commissioner

Ranchi: Disability Commissioner Chhavi Ranjan said that autism is a challenge which is difficult to identify in the early stages, but together it can be defeated but for this there is a need to make people aware.

Addressing a one-day workshop he said that it is difficult to imagine what the parents of a child with autism go through but with the support of the family, these children can join the mainstream of society.

The Disability Commissioner said that we do not have a database of children suffering from autism in the state because people or families are not able to accept it openly. For this, we have to bring awareness in society. He said that there is a need to build such a ladder of public awareness to defeat autism with the slogan of the coming generation not suffering from autism.

Financial assistance will be given to such families by the government he said that soon there is a plan to start a toll-free number and daycare for this. In the workshop, Director of the Integrated Regional Center Jitendra Yadav said that the state government and the central government are jointly working on awareness for children suffering from autism. It is also working for the all-around development and rehabilitation of the victim children.

World Autism Awareness Day is observed on 2 April. This is a whole-week program in the state, under which it is a very good initiative of the state government he said adding that under this the workshop is organized to make parents and children aware was very important.

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