ATS arrested Neeraj Thakur, close to gangster Aman Srivastava, from Pithoria, Ranchi

Ranchi: Jharkhand ATS has arrested Neeraj Thakur, close to jailed gangster Aman Srivastava, from Pithoria area of Ranchi. The ATS team has taken this action on the basis of secret information received by SP Rishabh Jha.

Apart from Neeraj Thakur, ATS has also arrested many other criminals. Neeraj Thakur was wanted by the police of many districts including ATS and was absconding for the last two years. Jharkhand ATS has recovered Rs 6 lakh from the arrested criminal Neeraj Thakur. It is being told that this is the money recovered from the levy.

Apart from this, ATS has received details of a company named M/s Jharkhand Energy Limited. It is being told that this company has been formed with the money of the Aman Srivastava gang. After Aman Srivastava was arrested from Mumbai, Neeraj Thakur was playing a special role in the operation of the gang. Many cases including a scandal are registered against Neeraj in ATS.

ATS team was searching for Neeraj Thakur for a long time. Meanwhile, information was received that Neeraj has been seen in Pithoria area of Ranchi. Based on the information, ATS arrested Neeraj. Neeraj Thakur used to keep all the accounts of Aman Srivastava’s levy.

Neeraj Thakur used to make all the arrangements whether how much money was to be given to which people associated with Aman Srivastava or how the money was to reach the family members.

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