As ‘Janam Janam Ke Saathi’ goes off air, Sneha Jain says its difficult to find right kind of work

Mumbai (IANS) TV actress Sneha Jain, who is known for her work in shows such as ‘Krishnadasi’, joined the cast of the drama series ‘Janam Janam Ka Saath’ which suddenly went off air.

Speaking about the sudden shut down, she said that finding the right kind of work these days is very difficult.

Elaborating on this, she said: “Finding the right kind of work nowadays is very difficult because many production houses and many  channels are getting introduced. There are many new opportunities and fresh actors.”

“So, the number is increasing day by day. It gets difficult to get the right work and right opportunities. Sometimes you do feel that you want to do a particular kind of project but you don’t get it. Sometimes you get the project but that does not work for such a long time.”

She also spoke on the unpredictability of the whole industry, saying that when you expect things to work out, many a time they do not as several shows get cancelled within two-three months, while sometimes a show which you do not think will work can become the defining aspect of an actor’s whole career.

Sneha also added: “When an opportunity comes and you are unsure whether you should take it or not, and you deny it, another actor has already taken that opportunity. There are a lot of actors, a lot of opportunities. So, you’ve already missed an opportunity by the time you find it. It exists and will continue to exist.”

Speaking on the importance of networking in the TV industry, Sneha said “It works sometimes,” adding that contacts in the industry can help because if you know a director or a production house, then you can work more easily. Otherwise it is all in the hands of the creative heads and the channel. She said that in the end only your work defines you, saying that socialising by going to parties in order to be recognised is a very wrong perspective. Rather quality work is what is important, so she believes more in the importance of working on herself in order to improve her work.

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