Anti-social elements vandalized a religious place in Mandar, people blocked the road

Ranchi: In Mudma of Mandar police station area of the district, anti-social elements entered the religious place and destroyed the idol. This incident is said to have happened late Thursday night. After getting information about the incident, a crowd of local people gathered at the spot on Friday morning.

The angry people came out on the road and blocked the road by burning tires on NH 75. The protesters are demanding immediate arrest of the people involved in the incident and the strictest punishment. After receiving information about the road jam, the police also reached the spot and are camping and trying to pacify the angry people. Mandar area of Ranchi is a big market for vegetables and sugarcane.

On the occasion of Chhath festival, vendors had come out of their homes for Ranchi on a large scale with sugarcane and other goods, but due to road jam, everyone got stuck on the way. Farmers who grow pumpkins are also very worried, because if they had reached the city then there would have been good sale of pumpkins on the day of bathing and eating. The police are trying to clear the jam by pacifying the angry people. In protest against the vandalism at the religious place, the villagers also set fire to the roads at many places.

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