Animals are provided Glucose and water cooler to beat heat at Birsa Munda Zoo

Ranchi: The animals like Tigers, Elephants, Bears and others are provided different things to beat the scorching sun. The animals are given glucose and kept in water coolers to beat the heat waves. 

Assistant Director of Birsa Munda Zoological Park Ashok Kumar Singh said in an interview to Reporter Post “As temperature crossed to 40 degree Celsius and animals are suffering from heat wave.” Seven Year Old Cub of the Royal Bengal Tiger is getting Glucose and Water Cooler to cool himself. “We are providing Water Melon, Banana, Cucumber, and Sugar Cane to Elephants and they are being helped to have bath two times in a day to avoid heat wave”, Ashok Kumar Singh added.

Birsa Munda Zoo also provides a Water Pool facility to Black Sloth Himalayan Polar Bear and they were seen enjoying and playing with each other inside the water pool in their enclosure.

A large number of deers are also seen using a tree leave shadow to protect themselves from heat waves inside their enclosure at Zoological Park at Ormanjhi, about 30 Kilometers from State Capital Ranchi on Thursday. 

Ashok Kumar Singh said, “We have witnessed that a large number of tourists visited Birsa Munda Zoo last year during the summer holidays to watch the activities of wild animals.”

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