Amp up your festive glow

New Delhi (IANSlife) Skincare is considerably more than just maintaining clear, attractive skin. You may feel your best every day because you’ve made a holistic life decision! With the holiday season quickly approaching and with this bright outlook and optimism for the future, we welcome the good times with a huge smile and a modest prayer in our hearts: to support you in maintaining the healthiest possible skin.

Many individuals believe that proper skincare entails pounding, washing and abusing the skin until it submits. For well-nourished skin, try out this simple skincare regimen. During this holiday season, motivate yourself to begin your quest to better skin. Here is a straightforward, four-step practise by with YBP Skin that will help your skin look better from the inside out and move it closer to a more holistic state of well-being.

Exfoliating cleanser

Start with a clean slate

A good cleanser is indispensable for removing dust and oils from the day as well as any chemicals from your makeup. For this, the brand’s Exfoliating Lactic Acid Cleanser is highly recommended as it is an effective cleansing and exfoliating formula made with a delicate blend of botanicals and lactic acid that will gently renew and brighten your skin.

Rebuild the (skin) barrier

Follow up the cleansing with the brand’s Skin Barrier Repair Tonic. Formulated with gentle yet effective blends of acids, zinc sebum, and plant extracts that encourage cell turnaround, this will rebuild your skin.

Skin barrier repair tonic

Some Skin Salve to age gracefully

YBP Skin Salve is a rich moisturising balm that sinks deeply into the skin. It helps repair free radical damage and prevents moisture loss. Made using raw and unrefined botanicals selected to regenerate the skin, we recommend using it at night on damp skin.

Mask up once a week

A little bit of extra weekly nourishment is something that everyone needs. The brand’s Vitamin C mask is a medicine created with herbs, roots, fruits, flowers and rare minerals to help regenerate the skin evenly.

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