Alleged Shivling found near Tagore Hill, the dispute between the two parties resolved in the police station

Ranchi: Alleged Shivling found near Tagore Hill of Bariatu police station area in Ranchi. There was a dispute between the people of the two sides regarding this. One side says that a grand temple will be built there. While the other side says, the game of grabbing the land of the tribals is going on.

During this, people from both sides were called to Bariatu police station to ensure that no system is disturbed and an agreement was made to maintain peace. Sadar DSP said People who believe in the Sarna religion and those who believe in Hinduism live near Tagore Hill. People from one side say Shivling was allegedly found on land near Tagore Hill, after which the worship started. The people of the Sarna religion said they were not informed about this matter.

After which the Shivling was duly immersed with mutual consent. There was a slight sourness between the two communities regarding this matter. After this, the people of both sides were called to the police station, during this the people of both sides agreed that they will maintain peace and order and will not disturb the law and order in any way.

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